Boldmere Lodge, is proud of its history and rich traditions.

The Lodge was consecrated on 23rd May 1925 and to this day remains one of the most renowned and reputable Masonic Lodges in Warwickshire.
Although in 1925 there were already 3 existing Lodges in what was at that time the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

But a small group of enthusiastic Masons believed that there was room for a fourth particularly to serve the growing popularity of Freemasonry especially from the district known as the Boldmere Ward and the significant numbers of Masons living within or close to the Ward.

Accordingly, a group of fourteen Masons chaired by Worshipful Brother W.Cobb, Past Master of the Lodge of Sincerity No 3850 convened a meeting at the Masonic Hall Sutton Coldfield on Thursday December 13th 1923 and discussed the merit and viability of establishing a fourth Lodge.

On the proposition of Worshipful Brother G.F.Pearson seconded by Brother F.T.Harrop it was resolved that a new Lodge was indeed an excellent idea and Worshipful Brother W.Cobb was charged with the duty of procuring the necessary petition to the United Grand Lodge of England.

The new Lodge was sponsored by Fletcher Lodge and approved by their members at a meeting on February 13th 1924. It was resolved that the new Lodge would meet six times each year on the first Thursday of the month, Thursdays being the traditional half-day closing day for businesses within Sutton Coldfield and Boldmere.