Who we are?


n our historic journey as we head towards almost 100 years of excellence in Craft Freemasonry.
We are a truly progressive lodge with proud traditions dating back to 1925. Whether you are looking to join a Lodge with a difference or to become a Freemason for the first time you will find that Boldmere offers all the advantages of being long established with the modern spirit of Freemasonry today.Our small and friendly lodge provides the perfect opportunity to advance your Masonic career or to take your first step on a Masonic journey that coud become the experience of a lifetime.
Some of our most experienced members have been regular supporters for over four decades and our younger brethren for just a few short years. Between them they offer the huge advantages of knowledge combined with youthful ambition. Together they share in the mysteries and fascinations of Freemasonry and the fraternal friendship of like-minded people.

Enjoyment and career satisfaction go hand in hand as they set out on a unique journey in learning and understanding of the mystic arts of an institution with roots that date back thousands of years.
So if you are seeking fresh challenges, a change of scenery, or are interested in becoming a Freemason, joining Boldmere could be exactly the right starting point in your journey.